Unlockr Partner Welcome Pack


Color: Black
Screen Type: LCD & Digitizer
Sale price $30.00
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This Unlockr Partner Welcome pack includes the following
  1. iPhone 6 Screen and Digitizer
  2. iPhone 6 Battery
  3. Lightning Cable for iPhone
  4. iPhone 6 Tempered Glass

What's so special about our products

LCD Only & Preassembled Screens

Our “LCD Screen and digitizer” and “Preassembled” Screens are our premium aftermarket grade of screens. They are custom designed for you to offer the highest quality at an affordable price. The goal for these screens is to provide the best performance, fit, and finish possible. Our Preassembled screens include all the small parts pre-installed on the screen. 


Unlockr Certified Products

    Our repair parts are tested when manufactured and certified by the Unlockr team before shipping to ensure the highest quality standards. They are offered to our customers to create a new standard in the industry and ultimately raise the overall expectations of the market. Every screens are individually tested and packed into premium boxes. All of these boxes come fully labelled with a possibility of your own personal branding.

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