7 Simple Tips To Protect Your Cell Phone!

Around 1 in 5 people will have their phone lost, stolen or damaged in a year — that is 2.2 phones per second.

It’s a real risk and can definitely happen to anyone. All you can do is be prepared for such an eventuality, and take the necessary precautions…

Here are some ways you can protect your cell phone!

Simple Ways To Protect Your Cell Phone!

To protect your cell phone, you can simply use the following steps…

1. Buy Insurance:

Cell phones are no longer a luxury — they’ve pretty much become a necessity in this technology-driven world. So, when your phone is lost, stolen or damaged it can cause major disruptions. This is where a cell phone insurance comes in handy!

Despite paying for its premium and deductibles, it helps you save your money and file for any claims of theft, accidental damage, mechanical failures, loss and more. Instead of relying on simple warranty plans which offer limited coverage for a limited period of time, cell phone insurance covers it all for however long you need it.

Many cell phone shoppers pay for their phones through monthly installments. Now, If you lose, break or have your phone stolen before you have paid it off, then you still have to make the remaining payments. What’s more, without insurance you can burn a huge hole in your pocket by paying for the remaining installments and payments for a new phone.

Cellphone insurance will help you replace your phone in case it's lost or stolen without any hassles on top of helping you repair any damages as well.

2. Use Cell Phone Cases:

Once you get a smartphone, the first thing you can do to protect it is buying a case for it. Carrying a smartphone without a case is like driving a car without bumpers. Nobody desires for their phone to shatter, crack or get dented.

Protective cases are the best thing to buy to protect your phone. Not to mention, with the multitude of patterns, styles, and colors to choose from, they are indeed hot sellers in the mobile phone accessories category.

Invest in a quality cell phone case that covers the corners, edges, and back of the smartphone. Even if you accidentally drop your phone, it should be able to absorb the impact.

3. Get A Tempered Glass Screen Protector:

A shattered smartphone screen is probably the saddest sight. A tempered glass film can be stuck onto the smartphone display to safeguard your screen from dust, scratches, and cracks when it falls down. Especially when you have little kids who handle your phone, it definitely helps.

While plastic screen protectors are a thing of the past, putting an extra film of glass on top of your screen is the best thing you can do to protect its display.

You should also consider tempered glass as a screen protector since scratches from house keys in your pocket or purse, and general wear and tear are commonplace. Opt for original tempered glass screen protectors that are designed for your phone model and have them installed by a professional.

4. Get Your Damages Checked at Cell Phone Repair Shops:

It’s the scenario that haunts every smartphone owner’s dreams. You are taking your phone out of your pocket and then bam — it doesn’t work or gravity does its thing and your phone is on the ground with a screen full of spiderweb cracks. What do you do now?

If you have a case and tempered glass screen protector, it will probably save you from the repercussions of being clumsy! But what if your phone suddenly gave up or slowed down on you for some reason? You will probably try to Google it and fix it on your own. However, a more sensible and viable option is to get it fixed by the professionals who are sure to give it a permanent fix.

Approach a cell phone repair shop to take a look at your phone. Many cell phone repair shops give you a free diagnostic check. After they inspect the phone, they will have the best remedy for your damaged phone.

It is important to find a reliable cell phone repair shop that uses genuine replacement parts to repair any damages in your phone. Make sure to steer clear off aftermarket repairs that are not authorized dealers and who source cheap-replacement parts.

5. Waterproof It:

The last thing you want to do is to drop your phone in water. Water is well-known to play havoc with electronic devices. It can also be in the form of rain or your device getting wet in a pool or beach.

It is good to waterproof your device to save you on a lot of expenses later on. Visit a cellphone repair shop to know how you can waterproof it. You can perhaps try a waterproof case for your phone as well.

6. Invest In A Phone Dock:

Many of us have our phones charged by the bed or other places where it’s tough to protect them from falling off and getting damaged.

It’s a great idea to buy a phone dock so that you will have a designated spot to charge your phone without any mishaps. Using a dock is a lot safer than charging it at any random place.

7. Hold Your Phones With A Firm Grip:

Despite having a case and tempered glass, it might still be that your phone has a nasty fall that somehow penetrates through the shield and is eventually damaged. This especially happens when you are not holding the phone properly. It is important to have a firm grip on your phone.

For people with perpetual slippery hands, it would be great to get a strap on the back of your phone with an elastic finger loop. Some cases come with built-in straps so that you have additional security while holding the phone.

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