Are You Facing Any Touch Problems On Your iPhone?

If your screen shows white lines when you connect the power to test the LCD Screen and or Digitizer, your LCD is crushed. You have to be extra careful when attempting to install the screen because it can get crushed.

If your screen doesn’t show white lines, there are many factors that could make the touch out of control, for example. It could be a system problem, a flex cable loose, a touch IC problem, static electricity or even a touch panel problem.

We suggest you to use the original data cable and charger to charge your phone, as for the loose flex cable problem, we suggest that you tear down your phone to reconnect the flex cable between the screen and the mainboard.

How to solve Static electricity problem?

Step 1 : Take off the battery for a few minutes

Step 2 : Use a hair dryer and blow the sccreen evenly until the screen becomes hot.

Step 3 : Reinstall the battery.

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