How Computer Repair Shop Owners Can Start Repairing Mobile Devices To Increase Revenue!

Mobile phones are slowly replacing PCs and laptops! From shopping to banking, everything can be done using a smartphone, anywhere in the world. Therefore, consumers are making the switch to high-tech smartphones or tablets than investing in a desktop system or laptops that tend to be more expensive and overbearing.

According to statistics from NPD DisplaySearch, tablet shipments have outpaced Notebooks, Laptops and PCs right from 2013 to 2018 and will continue to do so.

Due to the ever-increasing number of smartphones and tablets, there is also a huge need for mobile phone repairing services. Therefore, if you are a computer repair store owner, and are looking to diversify your business and offer mobile repairing services, read on!

Is The Mobile Phone Repair Business Right for You?

Cell phones are gaining momentum with their popularity and sales. The number of mobile phone users worldwide in 2017 is 5.3 billion and slated to grow exponentially by 2020. About 30 million are from Canada with the number predicted to grow by about 1 million each year.

With the growing sales of these pint-size technical powerhouses, it is highly likely that it will directly contribute to the growth of cell phone repair businesses. Knowing how to repair a cell phone will give you an upper hand as many consumers will turn to it when their phones stop functioning or in case of a broken screen. Repairing a cell phone becomes an economical and convenient option for many.

The cell phone repair business is poised to reach new heights with more consumers opting for repair especially as the price of cell phones stagger high as well. As a computer repair shop owner, now is the time to take notice of this and take a quick decision to diversify your offerings.

Here’s How You Can Get Started With Mobile Phone Repair Services!

Fortunately, for computer repair shops who want to venture into the mobile phone repair segment, there is very little overhead or start-up cost involved. You already have a knack for working with hardware and software.

The crucial piece of the puzzle is finding the right spare parts, tools and guidelines for repairing mobile phones.

1. Parts and Tools Inventory:

Firstly, when you decide to diversify to mobile repair services, you need to acquire mobile phone repair parts and tools from a certified supplier. Any type of cell phone repair requires basic and specialized tools. From LCD screens, digitizers, replacement batteries, charging ports, power flex cables, small parts and basic tool kit, there are several parts that you might need.

Moreover, you need to maintain a decent stock of these parts in your inventory so that at any given point of time, you can be able to repair any cell phone device. Without overstocking or risking parts that tend to go obsolete, you need to procure the right amount of cell phone repair parts as well.

Finding genuine parts for cell phone repair and maintaining an inventory for the same can be a cumbersome process. To simplify all your needs, head to Techrepair.

We offer the best-in-class repair spare parts and tools to get you started. What’s more, you can also avail express free one-day shipping and also get specialized parts as and when you have the need to repair specific mobile devices.  This way you can reduce your onus of maintaining an extensive inventory to stock specific parts or tools.

2. Learning Mobile Phone Repairs:

Are you up for the challenge to repair any kind of mobile phone device you get? You can opt to take a short-term course on cell phone repairs which hardly takes a month or two.

This will educate you with the basics to get started. It will also be necessary to know the basics even if you are planning to hire a mobile repair technician so that you are well-versed. There are several online cell phone repair courses and forums that help with the know-how of mobile phone repair to learn the fundamentals of cell phone repair.

3. Reporting and Software Tools:

Once you ring in decent business with mobile phone repairs, you need to have an automated system to keep track of your orders, inventory and sales made throughout the year. This will enable you to make informed decisions about your business and understand what impacts your bottom line.

At Techrepair, we have specialized tools and POS systems which are one-stop solutions for all your business automation needs.

4. Phone Unlocking Services:

Today a lot of phones are locked to their carrier and consumers need them unlocked to break free. This is where you can make a huge difference by taking all of their cell phone needs under a single roof. You can really expand your range of offering and increase your revenue by providing phone unlocking services alongside cell phone repair services.

Tie up with us at Techrepair. We offer phone unlocking services to your consumers. From IMEI lookup to acquiring the unlock code and delivering it to your customer, we offer end-to-end phone unlocking services with the best deals.

5. Advertising

Use the right modes of advertising which are result-oriented to appeal to your existing and new customers. You can opt for offline modes like distributing pamphlets, banners, hoardings and more.

Another easy way to attract more customers is with online advertising through Google Ads, creating your own website, Facebook, social media platforms and more.

The Techrepair Advantage provides you with simplified solutions like Online Appointment Scheduler and Online Price Estimate which can give your customers a great idea of what you have to offer. This can serve as a means for you to be more transparent and attract more customers.

Partner with Techrepair and Start Earning More!

Now, is the right time to make the shift and provide cell phone repair services alongside your computer repair services. Leverage on this opportunity to increase your revenue and see the difference for yourself.

Get in touch with us at Techrepair to know more!

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