Online Appointments Scheduler & Online Price Estimators: Why They Are Important For Mobile Repair Stores?

Ever dreaded walking into a phone repair shop and stumbling upon a huge queue of people already waiting for their issues to be resolved? The last thing you would want is to spend another hour or so, desperate for your turn to arrive!

Now if you have a repair shop, think about it from your customer’s perspective — Is the above scenario desirable? Not really, no. Thankfully, this problem can be solved quite easily — with the help of the latest technology in the form of Online Appointments Schedulers & Online Price Estimators. Online self-service technology equates to cost savings for the businesses, and also provides convenience and flexibility to time-strapped customers.

It lets them make their decisions in an informative and transparent manner, without the hassles of traveling all the way to the store and having to just hang around, till they can actually meet a representative.

Let’s understand, why as a mobile repair store owner, you need to have an online appointment scheduler and online price estimators in place.

Why Online Appointment Scheduler & Online Price Estimators Are Important for Mobile Repair Stores?

1. Helps Prioritize:

Having an online appointments' scheduler lets you prioritize and address grievances of customers who take the effort of booking with you first via your website. It gives them an upper hand and better chances of resolving phone repair issues prior to customers who may be waiting at the store.

This is because he or she has an exact time slot allotted via an online appointment, thus helping them get better services from your end.

2. Availability:

There may be times when you have too much on your plate or moments when you need to shut shop due to reasons such as political turbulence, bad weather or festivals etc.

An online appointments' scheduler lets your customers know all of this in advance as opposed to traditional customers who visit in person, only to find a closed sign hanging on the door. Basically, customers can check your availability and then book an appointment on the days when you are functional, simply at the click of a button.

3. Structured Approach:

Nobody likes noisy shops, agitated customers, and your executives feeling pressured due to all the chaos of too many requests to be handled all at once. When you own a phone repair shop, you belong to the industry where good service matters the most. Only then can you expect repeat customers to pour in and new customers to get added to the list.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you have some kind of structure around your services and an online appointments' scheduler will provide you with just that - A structured way to handle customer issues, taking away the confusion and disorder which might otherwise exist and take a toll on your business.

4. Commitment:

As mentioned above, when someone schedules an appointment with you, they have to be catered to exactly at the time allotted to them. It not only gives you a heads-up about the customer, the details and level of service to be provided but also encourages customers to stick to a particular time and stay committed to it.

They will also value your schedule and understand that they are dealing with professionals!

5. Price Estimate:

Before even booking an appointment with you, your customers should be able to get an estimate of the amount they would be charged, should they avail your services. It’ss plain good manners and great business acumen, to make them aware of your rates, before they take the effort to visit your store.

You don’t want anyone to book an appointment and arrive on time, only to find your services are not affordable for him or her. Since money is a subjective concern, having an online price estimator helps your customers make informed decisions about going ahead with your services or not, to save you and them both some good time.

6. Saves Time:

When you do not have a self-service online appointment scheduler for your customers, you are letting them rely on your staff to do the same.

Assuming an average of five minutes of staff time spent on every appointment, it can take over 10 hours of staff time per week for an office that books an average of 25 appointments a day. If you include the reminder calls, the time increases even more.

7. Focus:

You have a team in your store, that handles customers and solves real problems for them. They possess a certain skill set which is very valuable to help you run the business and you don’t want them to spend a quarter of their time on mundane tasks such as scheduling appointments and getting price estimates on calls.

These people who work for you want to gain meaningful experience and enrich their careers with you, which leads to job satisfaction, increased efficiency and better business for you. An online appointment scheduler and price estimator will let you and your team focus on core business tasks.

8. Online Matters:

Customers everywhere want to conduct business online today, be it ordering groceries, clothes, electronics, furniture, paying for a gym membership or even getting an appointment for a haircut. They would like to book appointments with you online, whenever, wherever, even after your shop hours are way over.

That’s how their psychology works. When you don’t offer an online appointment booking option, consumers can perceive that you are stuck in the past. And the thing would be if they believe that you don’t value them enough to provide them with just what they want!

According to a study conducted by ‘Fast Company’, 70% of consumers expect a business’s website to offer some form of self-service function.

It can be very frustrating for a consumer to deal with a company that doesn’t have what is nowadays perceived to be conventional technology. So, go ahead and opt for an online appointments scheduler and an online price estimator for smooth operations and a great customer experience!

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