Own A Mobile Repair Store? Here's How Mail-In Repair Services Can Help You Increase Your Revenue!

Regular wear and tear are bound to happen to any electrical gadget and a cell phone is no exception! Moreover, it’s so common for people to accidentally drop their phones or land in some mishap leading to phone damage, rendering it useless.

Based on recent research, an average person needs a phone repair every fourteen months. Surprisingly, It is also true that several consumers prefer to buy a brand new phone after their old phone is damaged. The real reason for this is not due to the cost of repair, but, not having quick access to economical and trust-worthy repair services.

All the major smartphone manufacturers seem to pay no attention to their customers after the expiration of their product warranty. Some even levy exorbitant charges for their post-warranty services. So, where can the consumers turn to fix their damaged phones?

Well, why not make your consumer’s life easy with a quick and novel cell phone repair solution? You as an independent cell phone repair shop can really make a huge difference and offer your customers the most convenient repair solution — Mail-In Repair Services.

How Does Mail-In Repair Service Work?

It is very simple! Create a website where your customers are able to create their own order for a cell-phone repair service. Once they get in touch with you, you can contact the customer, understand the issue and discuss repair options along with the price quote.

Then, you can mail them a box with a prepaid shipping label so that the customer is able to mail in their cell phone. Finally, you complete the repairs and once the phone is ready, you can ship it back to the customer.

Talk about the Uber of cell-phone repairs! Such services offer the convenience of repairs at the customer’s doorstep. And, you as an independent repair service provider can uniquely position yourself by offering this value-add service to your customers.

Advantages Of Mail-In Repair Services!

Here’s how mail-in repair services can benefit you:

1. You Attract More Customers:

If you have a brick and mortar cell-phone repair shop, that’s great. Another added advantage for you is to also provide an option for customers to mail in their phones for repair. This will help you appeal more to prospective customers and generate more leads.

Nowadays, you get just about everything with a simple click of the mouse and it is the digital age. So, why not also provide repair services the same way? Customer convenience that comes with mail-in repair service can serve as your USP and help you win more customers.

2. It’s A Simple ‘Virtual Business’:

Don’t have a repair shop? Or are you a solo entrepreneur who has just ventured into the cell phone repair business? In either case, a mail-in repair service can be of great benefit of you. This is because you do not need to physically have an office space to repair phones.

Get in touch with customers and have them mail in their phones. Get it repaired at the comfort of your home or wherever you desire, and mail it back to the customer. If you have the knack of repairing phones and have the best tools to repair them, don’t let the high cost of setting up a shop deter you from doing business.

Simply start doing business virtually with mail-in service, build on a good client base and start earning!

3. You Save Costs:

Just think about it, mail-in repair services can greatly impact your bottom line and increase your sales revenue. Firstly, it is bound to attract more customers because of its convenience and get you more business.

Also, if you are well-equipped to repair any cell phone that comes your way, you can offer quick turnarounds and competitive prices to your customers. It is more flexible and viable with cost benefits of virtual office space, working at your own pace and scaling up your business to a whole new level.

Tips to Start Mail-In Repair Services

As easy as it’s said, it can be quite challenging to set-up your own mail-in repair service business. First, your customers need to trust your expertise so that they can willingly send in their phones for repair. Also, you need to ensure that you are able to offer a quick turnaround with high levels of customer satisfaction. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Build a Strong Online Presence:

A well-maintained website will lend credence to the fact your business is reliable and operating in a professional manner. A strong social media presence with personalized testimonials of customers who have availed your service will be of great help to gain more trust from your prospective customers.

The first thing customers check is the online reviews, be it any service. Now, this is where you can stand out and advertise yourself as a professional service provider who can guarantee a hassle-free repair service.

2. Equip yourself with Quality Cell Phone Repair Parts and Tools:

You are sure to cross half the tide, when you have the best in class repair parts, screens, batteries, tools and more to repair any cell phone. Tie up with a credible supplier who can provide you guaranteed repair parts with warranty.


Unlockr.ca is a leading supplier of top quality parts that are extensively tested. We also offer express one-day shipping and have got you covered at all times. With this express shipping, you don’t even need to maintain a full-fledged inventory. Once you get an order, you can purchase the repair parts from us and fix any phone that comes your way.

3. Security and Safety:


Data safety is of utmost importance, especially now that data theft is commonplace. You need to assure your customers that their data is in safe hands away from prying eyes.

Building customer trust is very important so that they don’t have any second thoughts to send you their phones with their personal data. You should be able to do almost all repairs without compromising on security or requesting a passcode.

If you are looking to add your existing revenue, offer mail-in repair services to your customers, and watch your cash counters go cha-ching!

To know more about Unlockr services, head here!

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TUNDE Francis

We need to buy smartphone from your company so therefore send details of what you have in-stock and price so we can buy

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