What Does The Future Hold For The Mobile Phone Repair Industry?

With the rapid advancements in technology and new innovations coming up, we have a variety of mobile phones to choose from. The other aspect is, we practically carry our mobile phones everywhere. This makes them prone to accidental damages - Spilled water, broken screen, some hardware malfunctions, and so on.

Even if you are extremely careful about your phone, chances are at some point in time, you would have made a trip to the nearest mobile repair shop.  

If several surveys are to be believed, there has been a tremendous growth in the cell phone repair industry.

In fact, a report from IBIS states that the revenue of the cell phone repair industry is estimated at $4 billion, with an average of 3% or higher annual growth.

What could possibly be the reason for this significant boost? Well, there are quite a few of them.

Durability of Smartphones

Even though the market is flooded with phones with the best quality camera, latest technology, and massive storage capacities, the durability aspect is highly questionable.

No company can assure you an extended shelf-life of a cell phone. To make smartphones affordable, the overall quality of the hardware suffers. While no company plans to offer or sell sub-standard mobile phones, there are often third-party providers of internal parts, making overall quality control nearly impossible.

Fragile Display

Let's face it, butterfingers is not a documented medical condition, but it is a life-threatening one... for the phone at least!

Besides, we are all so capable of dropping our phones from time to time. We as individuals are completely capable of causing a lot of damage to the screen of our mobile phone :)

Glass by the nature of it is a fragile object. Gorilla Glass and similar ones can be stronger than most, but they are surely not unbreakable.

Fixing the Old Phone Instead of Investing in a New One is Always a Pocket-Friendly Idea

Even though you may be facing a major issue with your phone, you would still not be that keen to invest in a new one.

Firstly, it is an added expense, which can be avoided. Secondly, it is a tedious task to transfer contacts, media and other important data from one phone to another.

A simple repair job can at times fix a lot of common issues. This is why consumers still prefer to continue with the same phone by simply going in for a phone repair.

The Technological Challenge

There are a lot of people who may not be comfortable with how gadgets and mobile phones work. For them a mobile repair shop is a go-to place for any issues, big or small, they may face with their device.

If the above-mentioned points and statistics are taken into consideration, the current state and the future looks bright and shiny for the mobile repair industry.

So, as long as companies continue to produce cell phones and people continue to use them, the mobile phone repair industry will never go out of work.
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