Mechanic Repairing Solder Soldering Paste XG-50 (XG-500) 42g Sn63/Pb37 25-45um


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Solder paste Sn63/Pb37 eutectic formula goes directly from a liquid to solid state as it cools and vise-versa. Great for reballing BGA chips with stencils, soldering connectors, and more!

Application: Mobile phone repair, computer and digital service industries, high-precision circuit board SMT soldering, BGA welding process, etc.

Type: XG-50 Alloy: Sn63/Pb37 Microns: 25-45um

Material: Plastic+solder paste Color: As picture shown Size: Approx. 1.30*1.30*1.14inch / 3.3*3.2*2.9cm

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