Single SIM Card Tray Compatible For Google Pixel 7 Pro


Color: Obsidian
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Maintain seamless connectivity with our Single SIM Card Tray, specifically designed for the Google Pixel 7 Pro. This replacement part is the perfect solution for devices with a lost or damaged SIM card tray, ensuring your device's connectivity is restored.

Made from durable materials, this Single SIM Card Tray is designed to withstand regular use while providing a secure fit for your SIM card. It's specifically designed to fit seamlessly into your Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Key Features:

- Reliable Solution: Ideal for Google Pixel 7 Pro devices with a lost or damaged SIM card tray.
- Durable Replacement Part: Made from robust materials for long-lasting use.
- Perfect Fit: Designed to ensure a secure fit for your SIM card, enhancing your smartphone's connectivity.

Don't let a lost or damaged SIM card tray disrupt your Google Pixel 7 Pro experience. With our Single SIM Card Tray replacement part, you can ensure your device stays connected. Restore your smartphone's connectivity to optimal condition. Order yours today!

Replace a bent or missing SIM card tray for a Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Compatible Models: GP4BC, GE2AE

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