Every screens and batteries shipped and sold by Unlockr are individually tested and packed into premium boxes. All of these boxes arrive fully labelled with a possibility of your own personal branding. 

Product Design :

All of our products we're custom designed for you. They offer the highest quality at an affordable price. The goal for these is to provide the best performance, fit, and finish possible. Our repair parts are tested when manufactured and certified by the Unlockr team before shipping to ensure the highest quality standards. They are offered to our customers to create a new standard in the industry and ultimately raise the overall expectations of the market.

Personal Branding :

Unlockr is the only Mobile Repair Store Service Provider in Canada who offers custom branding. This open's up a world of possibilities for you and your stores. Every single product purchased from us would come with your logo attached to it. You can contact us now for more information on this.


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