We want to buy your broken screens!



We pay competitive prices for a variety of broken screens.

  After a repair, sell your broken or unwanted screens to us for in-store credit. All screens will be tested by Unlockr upon arrival to verify working LCD and Digitizer. Those found defective will be recycled unless otherwise stated by seller. We offer the best LCD Buyback in Canada ! Our phone Broken screen buyback program has the best prices.

Grade A = Fully functional OEM screen, can be with 1-2 dead pixels and/or backlight issue. Grade B = OEM screen with many big or small dead pixels, slight color marks.

*All prices are subject to change without prior notice due to market fluctuation and the price given is the one on that page the day your LCD Buypack is shipped to us. 

Note: If you require your defective LCDs back, you must let us know before getting paid or before 7 days from the date your testing report is available. We disperse items into our inventory as soon as payments are made or delay is expired. You must provide your own shipping label to have your screens shipped back.


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