Returns Documentation

Please make sure to include the required products and information when submitting a Return. Providing this information with any shipments to us allows us to serve you in a much better and quicker way without any chances of getting your return shipment denied.

Unfortunately, if an item is shipped to Unlockr without paperwork or any official RMA documentation we will not be able to process any refund until we have recieved the necessary information.


If you're looking for an exchange, you will have to wait until your return is accepted, when that is done, we will contact you and see if you prefer getting another replacement of that same product or obtain other products instead.


If you’re looking for a refund, you will have to contact us directly via live chat to notify us about your request. No orders will be refunded after 60 days from the original order. Our standard policy is either to provide credits for broken screens and return reimbursements or to exchange your broken product with another one.

By heading to the Return Center you will have access to all the necessary information to get your products back to us.

Product expectations

We define this condition as a product that has no physical damage. Intact packaging and protective wrapping should be included when shipped, to prevent damage.

Our one of a kind solution

We worked very hard to find a quick and easy solution to return your products to us. We know how much of a hassle dealing with defective parts and returns can be. Our goal is to  make our process as quick and painless as possible.

As an Unlockr partner you get access to a free Monthly Return. After creating a return form on the Return Center, we will contact you to schedule a pick-up directly in your store. Simply have the box ready and someone will show up at your store between the designated day and hours to pick-up the box!

Our Policy

Don't worry we're not here to make your life complicated, we very rarely reject returns.

The most common reason for rejection of returns is because the item returned to Unlockr wasn't purchased at Unlockr.

If you made a mistake which is definitly possible, after all we're all humans, and you would like the product returned to you on your next order, please contact us via live chat as soon as possible. Unfortunately, all denied products will be thrown out or recycled if we are not notified in time.

Reach out to us!

Unlockr has an available live chat to discuss with you. We are always available for any question you may have. Reach out to our live chat directly at the bottom right of your screen!


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