Our iPhone screen grades consist of three different types of screens : Unlockr Original, Unlockr LCD Only and Unlockr Preassembled. Each of these grades all consist of the same Quality Assurance testing from our Custom Factory in Shenzen. The only differences between these screens are the components used and the visual difference in performance of those components.

Unlockr LCD Only screens : are our premium aftermarket grade of screens. They we're custom designed for you to offer the highest quality at an affordable price. The goal for these screens is to provide the best performance, fit, and finish possible.

Unlockr Preassembled screens : are identical to our premium aftermarket grade of screens "LCD Only" but with a slight twist. It includes all the small parts preinstalled on the LCD to make your job easier and simpler. The goal of Unlockr Preassembled is to save time for you and your employees.

Unlockr Original screens : are also known as OEM LCD's. They include refurbished components from original Apple phones. They are also commonly known as being the best screens available on the market. They we're custom designed to you the quality and durability comparable to an Apple Original screen.

Our specialists spent a lot of time comparing various OEM and aftermarket screens, to determine the best solution for your end-user. We made most if not all possible color test on the screens. Brightness tests, black brightness tests, color temperature tests, polarizer transmission tests, and others to give you a better idea of what you are purchasing. From there our strict Quality Assurance team makes sure to test every single screen to have the lowest possible defect rate.


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