As per our mission, we set our goals to become the golden standard in the mobile repair industry. It's commonly known here as our golden rule to follow. We carefully selected each and every services and products available on our website to ensure that we follow it.

Why we are superior than our competitors

Setting our own standards for Repair Parts

Triple A, Apple Original, OEM, Aftermarket, High Copy etc. Those are all the terms used by the online parts resellers around the globe. Not a single one of them are actually trying to help you understand the true defining factors of a good product. As we all know this industry is fundamentally very unclear. Our objective as a Service Provider is to clarify this for you and allow you to understand the true quality of the products that you are buying and using to repair the devices of your customers. 

Why do we set our own screen specifications?

When we first decided to sell Repair Parts to Mobile Repair Stores, we wanted to set our own specifications instead of using common LCD brands such as "Tianma". We tested the most popular LCD brands side-by-side and realised that each screen looked and performed very differently from one another. Our objective was to offer multiple grades of screens at various price points to offer multiple solutions for your customers. We started working with our own private factory in Shenzen that produces screens to the standards chosen by the Unlockr team. 

What does this mean for you?

Its quite simple, whether you operate in a price-conscious market where value is most important or whether your customers demand the closest match to Apple Original products or even if you're just starting in the repair business we have a solution for you.

We compare a few of our screens against competitors

As you can see, the color accuracy is much closer to an Apple Original screen than any competitor screens. This difference is most of the time the only reason why we are slightly more expensive than any of our competitors. Differences in LCD, Digitizer, Additional Q&A Testing etc. brings value to the products that we offer you. 

Here's a closer look at different suppliers

As you can see, the accuracy on the various white levels and the brightness on the Unlockr screen is greatly superior to the other ones.

What about your batteries?

To be honest, our batteries are quite amazing. Just like all of our screens, every single one of them are individually tested before being shipped out. We guarantee that you will never see this message after installing one of our batteries in your device. Every single one of our batteries will have 0 cycle and over 95% efficiency when installed in your phone. If you see this message, that means the efficiency of the battery is below 70%.

How do I check the efficiency of my batteries?

First way to verify the efficiency of your Battery

The easiest and cheapest way to check the efficiency of your batteries is to install coconutBattery on any MacOS device. It will allow you to easily verify the efficiency of your battery.

Second way to verify the efficiency of your Battery

To get a little more details about your iPhone or iPad battery health status is by using the Console application that comes pre-installed on all Macs.

You can simply launch the Console, plug your iPhone to your MAC and type in batteryhealth in the search field (Don't forget to unlock the device before verifying)

As you can see, we can get a lot more information about my device. In the case of my iPhone, the health status was rated as "Good". We also get more details of limited importance, such as the current battery level, the power source being used, and more.

Third way to verify the efficiency of your Battery 

As the previous way's require a lot of manual handling, we use special tools in our warehouses for bulk testing iPhone Batteries. We use a Special Battery tester to verify the necessary information about the battery before sending it out to our customers. You can see below the information provided by the tester.


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