OLED Screen and Digitizer Assembly Compatible For iPhone 14 Plus


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Looking for an iPhone 14 Plus screen replacement ? If you dropped your iPhone 14 Plus and broke the front glass it can be repaired ! You can replace your broken iPhone screen easily. The repair takes just a few minutes with our replacement parts.

Refurbished (Recommended)

The Refurbished screens for iPhone 14 Plus OLED are built with noticeably higher brightness and contrast than others. Refurbished screens are custom built to match or exceed our strict specification standards in terms of brightness and color reproduction.

  • Color calibrated Soft OLED & Digitizer
  • High Brightness Backlight
  • Aligned Front Camera Ring
  • Foam Connector Pads
  • Ear Speaker Grill and Mounting Gasket
  • Proximity Sensor Bracket
  • Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

The Replacement iPhone 14 Plus Screens and Digitizers come with lifetime warranty, as the other replacement parts for iPhone replacement parts.

Part Type iPhone Screens and Digitizers
Compatible Model iPhone 14 Plus
Model Number A2886, A2632, A2885, A2888, A2887
Compatible With iPhone 14 Plus
Warranty Lifetime Warranty

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