Packaging System Air Cushion/Air Pillow Machine No Preheat Required Bubble Film Wrap Void Fill EA160


Color: Red
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Material: HDPE
Type: Protective packaging film
Brand Name: E+AIR
Model Number: EA160
Product Name: Air Cushion Machine
Size: 43*19*19.5cm
Weight: 2.6kg
Color: Red
Sealing speed: 12m/min
Preheat: None
Application: Protective packaging

Voltage: 100V-240V


1. Save 90% storage space and 35% shipping cost : The film is just a roll when not inflated, require much less storage space than other packaging materials. Made of 99% air and only 1% plastic, it can provide perfect protective packaging for your goods during the shipment, but won‘t increase any shipping weight.

2. Improve packaging efficiency by 25% : Film sealing speed 12m/min, no preheat required, working immediately after turning on. Timed work available. No need to cut, each piece air bubble can be easily tear off.

3. Perfect protective packaging : The film is sealed very well, no wrinkles on the film edge, no air leakage after using for long time, an ideal protective packaging solutions for your goods.

4. Expand your brand : Customization service available, we can print your company logo on the film, or customize the film color, thickness, size etc.


1.Machine size: (L)430mm*(W)190mm*(H)195mm, weight: 2.6 kg

2.Easy to operate, sealing speed: about 12m/min (39ft/min)

3.Both 20cm width air pillow film and 40cm width bubble wrap film are available to this EA160 air cushion machine, especially for antistatic film, biodegradable film.

4.Adjustable Air Volume: able to adjust the fullness of the air bubbles according to individual demands.

5.Auto Temperature Control: adopts inside temperature sensor, the EA160 air cushion machine can detect and adjust the sealing temperature automatically, to work better in very cold or hot environment, perfect sealing functions.

6.Timed Work Available: preset the working time on the EA160 machine, the machine will work and stop automatically.

7.Applied to 100V-240V voltage, this machine is available all over the world.

8.No preheat required, working immediately after turning on.

9.New sealing design, better film sealing functions, better protective packaging for your goods.

10.Adopts more durable materials, longer service life for the parts.

Air Bubble Wrap Film Roll Description:

Model: SW15  (Bubble Shape: Small Wave) 

Specification: 400mm*300mm*280Meter

Material: HDPE 

Colour: Transparent

Thickness: 20um 

Load bearing: static bearing more than 100 kg

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