Aftermarket, Refurbished, And OEM: What's The Difference Between These Mobile Repair Parts?

As a mobile repair shop owner, it is essential to know where the replacement parts come from, and how to distinguish between them. After all, there is a marked difference in quality, and can influence the time taken for repairs, as well as the durability of the repaired product.

Understanding The Different Kinds Of Parts A Mobile Repair Store Owner May Have To Source!

Mobile phone repair parts are categorized as under:

  • Aftermarket Parts.
  • OEM Parts
  • Refurbished Parts.
  • Original/Genuine Parts.

1. Aftermarket Parts

These are the parts that are produced by third-party companies and supplied to the repair shops. While the general perception is that these parts are inferior in quality, not all of them are necessarily so.

Some of them could are close enough to OEM quality, and it may become extremely difficult to distinguish between them!

2. OEM Parts

O.E.M. stands for 'Original Equipment Manufacturer'. Generally, these are the parts that are produced by many dealers and suppliers that together make the product.

Factually, these parts are built by the contracted suppliers, under the OEM standards proposed by the product manufacturers. In other words, When you buy a new phone, It contains all the OEM parts, or parts that are manufactured as per OEM standards by the contracted suppliers.

Here are some visible differences to between an OEM screen and an aftermarket screen to understand the concepts thoroughly:

  • OEM screens will have foam pads over the flex cables while aftermarket screens will either have no pads or poorly placed pads.
  • OEM screens use a rectangular white film under the ambient light sensor while aftermarket screens typically do not.

3. Refurbished Parts

Refurbished parts simply mean refined, reconditioned, renovated parts. These are nothing but the previously used parts, returned to the manufacturer owing to some issues.

Such parts then undergo rigorous testing, repair & a certification process, before they are resold under the new label, as ‘refurbished parts’. These parts are tested to meet the refurbishment criteria of the company before they are to be shipped for resale.

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The components bought are classified under the following grades, and payment against them is determined accordingly!

  • Grade A: looks new and it doesn’t have any major signs of handling or wear.
  • Grade B: may have visible usage signs, mostly light scratches or chips.
  • Grade C: has obvious signs of wear.

4. Original/Genuine Parts

Genuine parts are the parts that are originally manufactured and put in the cell phone when it was a new one and have the manufacturer's logo on it. This does not mean the product manufacturer builds it. It is often built by a different company, but the manufacturer's logo is added.  These are the most expensive parts as you are paying for the manufacturer's brand logo.

A Key Difference Between Original And OEM Parts!

An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part is a part built by the same company that built the original product for the phone maker.  It is the exact same part that is on your phone, except it does not have the manufacturer's logo.

These parts are the same as the genuine ones, but cheaper as you are not paying for the privilege of having purchased an original part straight from the manufacturer!

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We, at TechRepair, believe in educating mobile repair shop owners on the differences between the parts available in the market! After all, only if you are informed, can you pass on the right quality to your customers.

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