Here's Where Phone Replacement Parts Come From! Can You Trust Them? Let’s Find Out!

Here's Where Phone Replacement Parts Come From! Can You Trust Them? Let’s Find Out!

There are a lot of questions that arise, when it comes to cell-phone repair! One of them, is whether the replacement parts being used are genuine or of questionable quality?

Are these parts sourced from the parent company, or is there a lot more going on here than is visible on the surface?

Here’s the lowdown on what transpires in the repair ecosystem!


The Aftermarket ‘Factories’!

Independent phone repair shops are often unable to source replacement parts directly from the parent company, especially if they aren’t authorized dealers. These shops end up buying them from third-party companies with ‘massive factories’, situated mostly in China.

These are significant operations creating components by the millions, given the extensive demand for aftermarket parts across the globe.

How Do These Parts Fare In Terms Of Quality?

Unlike popular opinion, aftermarket parts are not necessarily of inferior quality! Some are 'total disasters', but some could be a fairly close match — 'Not quite as good as genuine parts, but close.' Some components are 'indistinguishable'. These are commonly categorized as After-market parts and High-Quality-After-Market parts respectively.

Unfortunately, there is no universal grading system to work with, since it is essentially a free market with no defined standards! The lack of an overseeing authority, makes using aftermarket parts a gamble. It all really depends on how urgently consumers need their devices repaired. If they are unwilling to wait, ‘close-enough’ will have to do!


Are Aftermarket Repairs Safe?

As mentioned before, given that it’s a free market with no regulation and no accountability, it is impossible for a customer to know the quality of these aftermarket parts.

What independent repair shops can do is ensure they get their aftermarket parts from companies that have certain parameters to test product quality. They need to be upfront with customers, about where they source their products from.

Having a good supplier relationship, vetting the supplies, trial and error to get the best components, and in some cases, even having a quality control team overseas with suppliers, goes a long way in getting quality components!

Why Don’t Independent Repair Shops Affiliate With The Parent Company?

A shop cannot just become an authorized service provider. It needs to meet the company’s requirements.

For instance, the process for a repair shop to become an Apple Authorized Service Provider is riddled with exams, training courses, and can cost thousands of dollars. The shops are expected to meet Apple’s standards at all times, with an audit being conducted ever so often to ensure compliance.

Sure, there are benefits to this. Customers trust that the parts being replaced are authentic, while the repair shops have access to product, service, repair and troubleshooting guidelines.

However, there may be limitations to the repair services that can be undertaken even by the authorized service provider. For instance, Apple limits the repairs its service providers can do in-house. For a lot of repairs, devices must be sent to Apple, for a repair turnaround time that can span days.

Without the possibility of affiliating with the parent company, repair shops are essentially left with two options — purchase aftermarket parts from third-party companies, or refurbished parts that have been taken from broken phones, revamped, and purchased in bulk!


Refurbished, Recycled Or Reused Components!

An alternative to buying aftermarket components, many companies take LCDs from broken phones that are repaired and sell them to a company that refurbished them. New digitizer components are attached so that they can be reused.

This company will then sell the displays back to the repair shops for use in future phone repairs.

Techrepair offers an LCD Buyback Program for all iPhone models, at competitive prices! To know more about the program, head here!

Unlike many companies, Techrepair provides best-in-market repair products to ensure the quality service. Following are some major contributing factors in making Techrepair a winner against its competitors.

  1. Lifetime warranty on all LCD's.
  2. Defined specifications on LCD's.
  3. 12-month warranty on Batteries and Accessories.
  4. Live chat support from 9 AM to 6 PM EST 7 Days a week.
  5. Free Monthly Returns
  6. Free shipping for orders over 250$.
  7. Multiple shipping solutions provided.
  8. Custom Labelling Solution for your Repair Parts.

Transparent Knowledge Transfer

Techrepair not only believes in just providing good service but also to transfer the knowledge associated with the products to you. Which in turn makes you able to convey the customers with the vital information about the parts.

Best Screens

Techrepair works with their own pre-set screen specifications which result in the most balanced screen displays and convincing colour accuracy to match the original screens.

Powerful Batteries

Every single battery has 0 cycle and over 95% efficiency when installed in the phones.

Since there’s a demand for cheaper, and faster repairs, independent repair shops are thriving, and so is the demand for aftermarket parts.  Techrepair manufactures quality driven repair parts to satisfy the customers' needs. If you are to access the best, you have to try Techrepair.

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