End The Price Wars: How Mobile Repair Stores Can Beat The Competition By Diversifying Their Services!

The trade wars between Smartphone brands is apparent to all. In quantitative terms, the competition is far fiercer than the consumer imagines. It isn’t ‘stay a step ahead of the curve rivalry’; a full-scale sprint marathon is materializing. While the high-velocity evolution of phones may voice doom for the manufacturers, it is a boon in disguise for repair businesses.

Every day about ten thousand smartphone screens are cracked, chipped or broken in the US alone. This fragility can be contributed to the constant improvements in mobile technology which has triggered a 5% growth every year in the repair industry.

The essence of these facts and figures is that repair shops are not going to become redundant, or even stagnant, for a long time. But every business demands adaptability and relentless upgrading of services to thrive. In order to outlast the competition, repair outlet owners need to diversify their services.

Mobile repair store owners can compete in two spheres — broadening services and determining the location, to best the competition — without indulging in bloody price wars!

How Mobile Repair Stores Can Diversify Their Services To Beat The Competition!

There are three avenues of service a repair shop can explore to expand the business, namely:

  • Better support through practical knowledge
  • Marketing spare parts
  • Selling accessories & other products

Let’s take a more detailed look at how mobile repair stores can avoid the price game to outwit their competition!

1. Advanced Repairs:

A common underlying element in the repair industry is the rudimentary assistance majority shops provide. To be distinctive, move beyond simple maintenance. Keep up to date with technology and study every kind of issue resolution.

A customer is more likely to choose a repair retail store, again and again, which can mend a tablet that others said to be unserviceable. Consumers not only search for the store that can resolve any problem under the sky, but also promote it.

As competition heats, patrons will increasingly opt for stores that extend advanced operations such as:

  • motherboard repairing
  • software installation
  • micro soldering

2. Extend Refurbishment Support:

the growth rate of the repair sector slows down, application of an easy strategy will create market leaders — refurbishment of old mobiles. Surveys confirm that explosive growth in the second-hand phone market is occurring. It is said to increase by a factor of 10. The only barrier is lack of awareness in customers. The role repair shops need to take on is revitalizing used phones by overhauling them and eliminating all prior data.

The success story of a Danish refurbisher demonstrates how preparation for reuse can lead to one-upmanship. Within one year of providing the facility, the refurbisher of smartphones saw a 9X growth in turnover.

The firm utilized old phones discarded by organizations and institutions, restored them and re-sold them to companies and end-users. The reason they weren’t able to reach even a higher level of expansion was not due to the absence of demand but a deficiency in preowned mobile supply.

3. Provide Spare Parts:

The critical aspect to the advancement of mobile repair business is ready access to spare parts. The contemporary customer demands high-speed service which is reliant on surplus parts being at hand. No shop can fix a cell phone whose spares it doesn’t have.

The moral is to network with vendors who can supply reliable and compatible parts at an optimal price. Additionally, safeguard that the stock level is appropriate. Ideally, it should neither be too low nor be overstocked as parts prices fluctuate recurrently.

4. Branch Out To Accessories:

Covers, headphones, skin stickers, cases, power banks, kits, audio adapters, chargers, screen guards, mounts, stands, etc. The list of mobile phone accessories is long. It is also a catalog of elements that are fundamental to performance. A cell repair establishment that branches out to include smartphone accessories will never experience a precipitous decline in ROI.

5. Include Other Products:

While accessories are sufficient to keep a repair shop afloat, new products can forge the business into profitability. Computers, laptops, drones, game consoles, Roombas, MacBooks, TVs — marketing any electronic appliance is a sound decision. To catapult the store into becoming a tour de force, offer the associated device repair services along with data recovery.

6. Location, Location, Location — Reaching Repair’s Ultima Thule

The mantra to retail is location. It can impact the success of any business, immeasurably. Mobile phone repair sector comes within this preview. Characteristically, a mall is an exemplary place to start a repair store, but any site that is readily accessible to offices and residences works equally well.  The location should be cost-effective to the owner, spacious and draw the maximum possible footfall.

A more potent recourse to location is catering pick-up and drop facilities rather than calling the consumer to the shop. The reason is the frenetic lifestyle of the present-day end-user. A service provider who volunteers to reach the buyer instead of vice versa will always be favored.

iCracked employed this technique of offering real-time repair services to their immense growth. A consumer merely needs to fill in the issues the mobile has and add their location. An employee of the company is dispatched to the address and repairs made on the spot.

Differentiation Is Key!

In the last ten years, the phone repair trade has substantially ballooned, so much so that revenue generated by it crossed the four-billion-dollar mark. It is further expected to show a 3% increase in growth, annually. Analyses confirm that the ubiquity of phones is one factor, others are brief battery life, fragile parts, and breakable screens. These design flaws in smartphones are impelling repair trades to expand further and further.  

The evidence is overwhelming.  Diversification and differentiation are germane to success. A repair retail shop will not only excel but beat out the competition by a mile if it sets its course to becoming a one-stop electronics service provider running the gamut from warranties to protection plans.

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