Understanding Phone Unlocking Services And Their Advantages!

‘Unlocking’ is a concept not many people are familiar with… Essentially, smartphones are “locked” through software to block the phones from using SIM cards from other phone carriers. There are different ways to unlock them - one could either contact the mobile carrier (might involve a fee), unlock it oneself, or have it unlocked at a mobile repair shop!

As a mobile repair store, offering unlocking services can be an excellent way to add another revenue stream to your business! However, doing it all by yourself can be an expensive and time-consuming affair.

With a professional online phone unlocking service, you can focus on your actual work (repairs) and let somebody else take care of the unlocking part! You can get access to your own phone unlocking dashboard with your own archive of orders. All you need to do is to input the IMEI number of your customer’s phone and the unlock code will be provided within the stipulated time frame.

What’s more, you can easily make an IMEI search and check the unlock code, status or just request a verification. You can do all that under a single screen in an organized way without any hassles. No more confusion with paperwork, excel tables and emails!

Get Professional Unlocking Services For Your Customers!

Here are the benefits of using a professional phone unlocking provider:

1. Error-Free IMEI Check!

A unified phone unlocking service system takes care of the misspelling of your IMEI numbers. Since each IMEI has a checksum, the system will detect if it is valid or not easily. If you have a wrong IMEI by mistake, let the system take care and warn you.

This will help you to double check instead of wasting time and money, looking up the wrong IMEI number.

2. Bulk Processing!

If you have a large volume of phone unlocking requests, no need to fret. Phone unlocking service providers offer you the flexibility to enter the IMEI in bulk for each model of the phone.

You can take up multiple requests from any customer and any type of phone. Scale up your business to a whole new level and provide the best customer experience to help them unlock their phones.

3. Unlock Any Phone You Get!

You will have access to top of the line unlock tools that will make sure that you can unlock any phone you get. This will give you an upper hand to engage your customer and increase your revenue. You will not be restricted to offer unlocking services for select few phone models.

4. Personalized Statistics!

What’s more, your online dashboard will also hold the statistics that will tell you how you are performing - whether you have high volumes, all about your account activity, order status and more.

This way you can analyze and make business decisions with ease. Instead of spending money on disparate tools, all your analysis, statistics and order history can be accessed from a single tool.

5. Full Customization!

Every time an unlock code is received, you will receive an alert through Email or SMS. Then you can customize this email and send it to your customers. Simple copy the mail content with your signature and header.

Send white label emails directly to the customers without any hassle. The message will also have detailed instructions on how to unlock the phone including where to enter the code and other frequently asked questions.

Looking For A Phone Unlocking Service Provider? Sign Up With TechRepair!

We, at TechRepair, offer more than 100 different unlocking tools to make sure that you can unlock any phone, irrespective of the brand or model. Apart from selling phone unlocking services at your shop, TechRepair also provides you with a widget which can be placed in your own website for customers to unlock their phones directly with ease.

Once the unlock code is found, we will take the responsibility of automatically delivering it to your customer in a white-labeled email. This will have the code along with step by step instructions to unlock their phone.  Our widget will take care of your entire order cycle from checking the IMEI to crediting your account.

You get paid directly through Paypal or other credit/debit card payment modes. You get to also set up the prices as per your needs. The great thing about our addon plugin is that you have full control over it.

Here are some of the other benefits!

9-5 Customer Support…

Our support team is always ready to assist you with whatever queries you might have. From speeding up requests to guiding you through the process of unlocking phones, get your hands on the best unlocking experts ready to help you any time of the day.

Best Price Guarantee…

Our pricing policy is clear with no hidden fees. We offer a 100% guarantee or give your money back if you are not satisfied. Simply set up your account with us, choose your plan with transparent prices and services and get started. It is really as simple as it sounds!

API Access…

Learn our developer’s API and make your own server or software communicate with TechRepair. You can then automatically place orders, check order status, download order history and much more. We also provide enhanced account security for your improved safety.

Access To Exclusive Tools And Free Blacklist Reports…

We provide the best and powerful IMEI lookup to get warranty and carrier details. Also if there are any phone blacklists, you can check them as well. Our all in one phone unlocking dashboard has a line-up of such exclusive tools for your benefit.

We are sure that TechRepair phone unlocking service will enable you to take up any order and fulfill it perfectly. We understand your needs and help you provide your customers with the best service. Our phone unlocking service benefits will directly enable you to save costs, boost sales and improve your revenue.

So, what are you waiting for? Set up an account with us and get started!

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