Here’s How Dropshipping Can Increase Your Mobile Repair Store’s Revenue!

If you have not already implemented or considered implementing a dropship model for your mobile repair business, you are missing out on a golden chance to scale it up!

According to a report from American Society of Business and Behavioural Sciences, 22% to 33% of retailers have adopted dropship model as their prime means of order fulfillment.

What Is Dropshipping And How It Can Impact You?

Dropshipping is essentially a retail fulfillment method wherein the store does not physically stock products it sells. Instead, when the store sells a product, it purchases the item from the supplier and the supplier takes the onus of shipping it directly to the customer. As a result, the retailer never sees or handles the product.

When you sign up with the supplier who offers dropshipping, you don’t have to worry about stocking or shipping products. What’s more, when you get discounted rates for dropshipping at pocket-friendly prices, it is like the icing on the cake. You can sell a wide variety of products and earn huge sales.

Skip the traditional distribution channel and have your products directly shipped from the supplier straight to your customer. This enables you to save on shipping and warehousing costs, delivery time, and the hassle of managing your own inventory.

Transfer your burden to a trusted supplier partner and make huge savings by adopting dropshipping at discounted shipping rates as your order fulfillment method.

Here Are The Benefits Of Dropshipping At Reduced Shipping Rates…

1. Sell More, Carry Less:

When you have attractive shipping rates, you can appeal more to your customers and generate leads to convert and close in successfully as sales. You can easily expand your product offering without purchasing upfront. When you sell, then you buy from us!

A study by National Retail Federation has stated that retailers who hold physical inventory carry only 13% of any manufacturer’s product line.

So, by supplementing your offering with a virtual inventory, you earn a competitive edge by selling a complete product line.

2. Increase Your Cash Flow:

You don’t pay for the product unless it is sold. This can translate into great savings for you as you don’t have to invest more. You can even launch new products in a less expensive way and target more customers.

You have access to better shipping rates than you would as a business shipping your own packages. Also it reduces the number of times that the product has to change hands. The product will reach the customer safe and secure with higher satisfaction rates.

Every time you need to touch a product in the supply chain, there is a cost involved. Inventory Costs, Warehouse costs, Ocean freight services, Port Operations, LTL and FTL services all get added to the actual cost of the product. You can bypass all of those additional costs and position yourself better to earn a higher margin.

3. Scale Up Your Business:

With a traditional distribution model, if you receive three times more business then you will usually need to do three times more work. The work of processing additional orders will take up most of your time. Whereas by leveraging on dropshipping suppliers at attractive shipping rates, the processing of orders will be borne by the supplier.

This will enable you to expand with less incremental work. Additional sales are bound to bring additional work, but with a dropshipping model you can handle it all relatively easier when compared to traditional shipping model.

4. Minimize Your Risk:

Risk is inevitable in business and you have to be open to handle risks efficiently. With a dropshipping model you do exactly that! If things don’t pan out the way you had planned, you can be rest assured of a clean break. Without the fear of being stuck up with thousands of dollars worth of inventory, you can reduce your risk.

In addition to this you can quickly adapt to the changing tastes and trends in the market and so less susceptible to a loss of revenue owing to changes. Lower volume niche products can be offered along with best-sellers. There is no such a thing as excess inventory!

5. Increased Buyers:

With the ability to add new and expanded product catalog or selections, you can better engage your customers. As a result these customers are sure to keep coming back to you see what new items you have acquired.

With a dropship program you can offer great value for the customer and ensure that they keep coming back. Increase the lifetime value for customers and earn more business. Offer more choice and quantity of products at good quality to your customers without any hassles.   

Why You Should Tie-Up with TechRepair as your Dropshipping Partner!

While there are plenty of advantages with dropshipping, it has its own share of disadvantages as well. The most common dropship woes are issues with inventory, supplier errors, quality issues and hidden fees.

However, with TechRepair, you can be rest assured of dropping your woes. We provide competitive shipping rates that are the best in the marketplace. This will only help you position yourself better and liaison with prospective customers.

We know just how your order cycle works, and have no hidden fees. With our dropshipping solution, together we can create an error-free order cycle with proper tools to handle each order accurately.

Whether you choose to dropship part of your inventory or entirely, there are clear benefits that too with a waiver in shipping rates. Generate more sales, grow your customer base and impact your bottomline, all while remaining lean!

Balance the Burden between the supplier and retailer by dropshipping with our discounted rates. Prioritize on establishing relationships with your buyers and leave your shipping woes with us. We, at TechRepair, are well-equipped to handle the onus of shipping your products to your customers.

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