TechRepair: The Gold Standard On Quality Control For Replacement Screens

TechRepair guarantee's that every Apple screen they supply for repair shop owners is impeccable. How does it ensure that they deliver only the highest quality of replacement screens?

The answer lies in the extensive in-house testing done on every screen they supply. Each LCD screen is tested individually using an integrated control system and then packed into premium boxes. From the point of purchase till the time of shipment, each screen undergoes strict testing procedures and only then gets certified by the TechRepair team.

5 Rigorous Inspections Conducted By TechRepair

The repair screens undergo through several tests and procedures before being delivered to mobile repair shops. To make sure that TechRepair has the lowest return rate, TechRepair touch screens have to pass these five tests!

  • Cosmetic
  • Structure
  • Function
  • Aging
  • Vibration

To understand better what each inspection checks for in the touch screens, we take an extensive look into them.

Cosmetic Examination:

The first assessment of an iPhone or iPad replacement screens is scrutiny for any flaws. A search of the surface of the screen with a fine tooth comb for scratches, dust particles, bubbles, and sundry begins. The display has to put a check mark on the following:

  • The glass lens is not damaged.
  • Glass lens has no off paint.
  • The flex cable neither damaged nor broken.
  • The front bezel is free of damage, debonding and screw-hole blocks.
  • The adhesion of the backlight adhesion should be standard.
  • Look for the effect of water and alcohol on the screen surface.

A final judgment on the toughness of the entire touch screen assembly is taken before moving onto the next evaluation.

Structure Try-Outs:

Once the aesthetics look clear, the touch screen is judged on its structure. The process is more comprehensive than what other competitors in the market use. Each screen is tested one by one for:

  • The length, breadth, and width of the screen are precise as per the standard.
  • The LCD metal plate matches perfectly to it.
  • The screw-hole aligns exactly.

After the screen has cleared these three checks, next comes the examination for “fitness with iPhone housing.” After installation of the display, they run a pilot for:

  • Leakage of light.
  • Backlight conflicts with the screen.

Function Appraisal:

Succeeding the screen's structural and aesthetic audition, it is checked for normal functioning. Upon installation the Apple screen display should qualify:

  • Touch function test which involves swiping up, down, left and right. Even the icons are moved around the screen and pages are switched from one to another.
  • Home button function test.
  • Touch ID function test.
  • 3D touch function test along with sensitivity.

The color of the screen is probed to certify it complies with the standard. Some color calibrations that the screen undergoes are:

  • Pure color check.
  • Polarizer check under which the screen turns black.
  • Color coordinates examination for a perfect contrast.
  • Color brightness using the CA310 color analyzer.

Aging Audition:

The next due-process that an Apple screen is put through by TechRepair is an aging test. There are two examinations done on random screens to guarantee that the display remains normal even after extensive use.

The first evaluation is the Run Dynamic where a video plays for two hours at the extreme temperature of +45 degree centigrade. The second is called the Run Static test and the conditions of it are:

  • -20℃/2Hrs.
  • +55℃55%RH/2Hr.
  • +55℃/4Hrs.

After both tests, a repetition of the set of functional checks takes place and assessment of the adhesion level of the backlight.

Vibration Assessment:

The last trial that the touch screens undergo at TechRepair offices is the electromagnetic vibration test. The screens are packaged in top-quality blister boxes and then put for sixty minutes on the machine at an amplitude of 2mm and 50Hz frequency.

Like in the aging tests, another round of functional and backlight checks take place after passing of the vibration test.

A Lifetime Warranty That Is Never Needed!

There is a reason why LCD screens and digitizers by TechRepair transform even the most broken iPhones into brand new. Each display is quality controlled and only stamped with a certification if and when they pass every one of our five rigorous tests.

A screen not issued with a top-notch test report faces rejection. Those that succeed are packed and sold to Mobile Repair Stores with a lifetime warranty that never needs cashing.

To know more, get in touch with TechRepair!
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