What Is LCD Buyback - How Does It Work? Find The Benefits Now!

Wondering what to do with the broken LCD screens from the phones you’ve got in your stores? The easy solution might be to discard them in an ecocentre. However, there’s another more beneficial way to get rid of them! SELL THEM!

The Benefits Of Selling Your Broken LCD Screens Are Twofold!

Selling off broken LCD screens has two important benefits!

1. You Contribute To Saving The Environment!

The amount of trash created by broken gadgets has become a global concern now. With billions of people using smartphones and upgrading them to newer and advanced devices are making so many phones redundant, which the owners simply throw away or sell off to mobile repair shops.

Selling broken LCD screens ensures that they will either be worked on and made fit for repurchase, or simply recycled!

2. It Helps You Make A Buck Or Two!

Selling your broken LCD screens can earn you some money, which can help you mitigate some of your cash flow problems!

Sounds promising, doesn’t it? Wondering how to find a company to sell your broken LCD screens to?

Here’s TechRepair's LCD Buyback Program For You!

We, at TechRepair, have been providing best-in-class mobile phone unlocking services, phone repair parts as well as prepaid vouchers to well over 300 mobile repair stores.

Through our LCD Buyback Program, we buy your broken LCD screens - at the best prices on the market! The prices are determined based on the phone model and the grade of the screen. The screens are tested upon reception to verify the damage on the LCD and Digitizer. 

The process is really simple - All you have to do is fill this form!

To know more about the prices and grades, head here!

So, don’t simply throw away those broken LCD screens. Hand them over to us, and earn some quick bucks. To know more, get in touch with us today!

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