Can I Use iPhone 7 Screens With iPhone 8 Devices?

Appearance contrast

  1. Almost the same appearance and the same dimension for both iPhone 7’s and 8’s.
  2. Featured with the same flex cable structure and screw layout on the front bezel.

So we can't find the differences from the front but there are some small differences on the back. The buckle on the top of the iPhone 7 is plastic and the buckle on the bottom is metal. The iPhone 8 is just the opposite with the plastic buckle in the bottom and the metal buckle at the top.

The iPhone 8 Plus Screen is featured with no gap between the Ambient sensor and the Proximity sensor.

Function Test

  1. We installed an iPhone 8 LCD screen on an iPhone 7.
  2. We tested the touch function, unfortunately it doesn’t work.
  3. We tested the 3D Touch function, and we realised the 3D Touch also does not work.
  4. We tested an iPhone 8 Plus Screen on iPhone 7 plus. Display is working but there is still no touch.
  5. We Installed the iPhone 7 LCD screen in the iPhone 8; the phone is stuck at the Apple Logo with a white screen. After force restarting the iPhone 8, it is still stuck at the apple logo.
  6. So the test results are that the iPhone 8/8 Plus LCD Screens are not working on the iPhone 7/7 Plus and the iPhone 7/7 Plus LCD Screens are not working on the iPhone 8/8 Plus.
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