Jakemy Anti-Static Heat Resistant Flat Pointed Curved Tweezers Set


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JAKEMY JM-T11 3 pieces Nylon Anti-static Tweezers Set

This item is made of high-tech material, attractive and durable, far from deforming after repeatedly bending, an excellent choice for high-strength work with hardness.

Made of high-tech material, suitable for high-strength work with hardness, not easy to deform after repeatedly pressing.

Feeling excellent with bright surface handle and anti-slip lines, perfect fit for iPhone 6, 6

Plus, Samsung S6, S6 edge Smart phone, PC, tablets, semiconductor, precision electronic components.

Precise CNC machining, more perfect on details and more accurately trimmed, can be matched with an outstanding artwork.

Lightweight, portable, anti-skid, high strength, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high efficiency and durable.

Handy for removing and taking, when you deal with tinny things, it will act as if you have a electronic hand. Reasonable design in accordance with finger size, more comfortable to use.

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