Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 T510 T515 T517 Battery


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You have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 that no longer holds a charge the way it did when it was new?

Your Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 shuts down unexpectedly?

Does your cell phone only work when the battery is plugged in?

Those are common symptoms that a defective battery will have.

It is time to get a new Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 replacement battery.

The old battery in your cell phone can outgrow inside and damage the internals.

The OEM Batteries for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 are brand-new batteries coming directly from our manufacturer. They are custom-built for customers who demand the same quality as original Samsung batteries. 

  • Zero cycle count
  • Tested under extreme weather
  • No wrapping for a better fit
  • High output current capacity
  • 1 Year Warranty


This battery is only compatible with a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1.


The Replacement Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Battery comes with a 1-year warranty, as the other Samsung Battery Replacement Parts.

Part Type Samsung Battery
Compatible Model

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 

T510 T515 T517

Warranty 1 Year Warranty

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