Procedure To Carrier Unlock A Bell iPhone

The procedure to unlock a Bell iPhone is not as easy as the other carriers.

For a Wholesaler

As a Wholesaler, to make sure your iPhones are eligible for unlocking you have to Register on our website.

The service can be found on our website under the Place Order section and is called : “Bell/Virgin [Eligible/Blocked/Active/Unpaid Bills]. This status check will only tell you whether your IMEI's are eligible for the clean unlocking service or the semi-premium service.

The status checker for Bell iPhone is priced at 50 cents CAD. With this check you will have a 100% success rate on all of your bell iPhones unlocking!

For a Retail Customer

As a Retailer, to make sure your iPhone is eligible for unlocking you have to Head to our Store.

Before submitting your order into our Bell iPhone Unlocking Service we will make sure to use our tool to verify immediately whether or not your phone is eligible for unlocking. In case the phone is not eligible, we will make sure to let you know why!

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